NURFC and NURFC Alumni notes:

NURFC Men’s Alumni offers an annual, $1000.00 per year scholarship to a men’s rugby player who is in good standing with the team, school, and league.

It is named for Lt. Colonel Terrance Crowe, NURFC 1978-1982, who was killed in action during the Iraq war.

Winners announced at annual Spring banquet our past scholarship winners are:

2006-Rob Jochen;

2007-Wes Alvarez;

2008-Mike Cagney;

2009-Nick Bridenbaugh;

2010-Matt McGovern;

2011-Alyn Simpson;

2012-Dave Piraino;

2013-Matt Brause,

2014-Warren Soloman.

2015-Matt Coles

2017-Trevor Wasik

2018-Brian Todora


Another scholarship, with the same value, is offered, and will be called “The Founders Scholarship,” for NURFC Men.


2014-Evan Castellani.

2016-Chris Sherman

2017-Will Pedroza

2018-Ryan Schwinn


NURFC Alumni Hall of Fame members;

Matt Guiliano 1979,

Jim Grannis 1980,

David “Animal” Erias 1982

Jim “Porky” Donovan 1980,

Sean Higman 1982,

Willie Klan 1983,

Brent Lawson 1995,

Bill Despres 1981,

Jason “Scooter” Stein 1994,

Kevin Forsythe 2004,

Ian “Tackleberry” Wagoner, 2000,

Jim Werner 1995.

Benny Plants 2007,

Brian “Angel of Death” Clair 1981,

Rob Jochen 2007,

Bill Loftus 1982,

Bill Broomfield 1995,

Vinnie Orsi 2008,

Eddie Rugby Gardner 1987

Ernie Scales, coach category (2002-2011.)

Brad Allen 2007

Dennis “Den Den” Sugrue 1981

Chris Dietz 2011

John Ward 1980