Alumni Weekend 2019

Dead Pheasants Rugby update,

May 3 to 5, 2019

NURFC Alumni Weekend.

Everything is scheduled, all is confirmed, we are good for all events, 75 total, which is about what we do each year, Friday night 8pm at JR’s Stone Room, will be our social gathering, will have beer, no food, so eat before you get there.

Then Saturdays banquet at Sammy’s we will have pizza and wings, pasta, roast beef on wecks, veggies, and the usual bar set up, with beer being part of your admission and cash bar for any others, keep reading, details for everything and the final list of esteemed alum,
Oh, on Sunday we end the weekend with a HS rugby match, so stick around, and view 2 well coached clubs.

Those confirmed for next weekends events:

  • Carl Messmer 2018
  • Kevin Zitzka 2018
  • Bradford Allen 2007
  • Christian Hess 2015
  • Brendan White 2013
  • Davy Phillips 2014
  • Sean Kolb 2013
  • Andrew Colangelo 2012
  • Tim Kennedy 2003
  • Nate Patrick Foress 2017
  • Nick Battey 2012
  • Brent Lawson 1995
  • Jason Stein “Scooter” 1994
  • Brian Blanco 2008
  • Chris Cochran 2011
  • Jake Lange 2017
  • Jayson Endozo 2018
  • Jayther Liriano 2006
  • Junior Blaber 2000
  • John Shine “Jiggs” 1978
  • Isaac De Los Santos 2016
  • Josh Carey 2013
  • Ernie Scales HoF coach
  • Matt Giuliano 1979
  • KP McGovern 2013
  • Joseph Crisafulli 2016
  • Tj Major 2017
  • Alyn Simpson 2012
  • Albert R. Wager, “Chip” 1980
  • Nick Bridenbaugh 2012
  • Dan Weingarten 2014
  • Jim Werner 1995
  • David Erias,“Animal”1982
  • Sean Higman 1982
  • William DesPres 1979
  • Bill Loftus, “Mr Big” 1982
  • Jim Grannis 1980
  • Mike Flanagan 1980
  • Dave Piriano 2013
  • Matt Brause 2013
  • Matt McGovern 2012
  • John Spanbauer 1983
  • Mo Zedain 2016
  • Mo Zedain 2016 
  • Chris Dietz 2011

Invited guests, 

  • Fr Maher, NU President
  • Fr Levesque, NU past President
  • Howard M. Morgan, NU Alumni Director
  • Derek Puff, NU Kiernan Center Director
  • Gene Adams, NU Men’s Rugby Head Coach
  • Matt Agugliaro “Googs” Asst Coach
  • Zach Rutkowski, Asst Coach
  • John Spanbauer contributer


  1. all Dead Pheasants reading this are asked to forward to all your mates, so we can keep us all connected.
  2. the fee for all events is $100.00 per alumni, but please consider giving more, make all payments payable to NURFC Alumni, send to:

NURFC Alumni
103 Garden Drive
Fairport, NY 14450

Kyra Lea Erias, Laura McGarvey Erias, Ethan Erias NU 1979

Reminder; this NURFC Alumni fund is for NU Men’s rugby only and your donations through NURFC Alumni are just like the “Purple & White” athletic fundraisers you see annually from the Athletic Director at NU, where you can pick a sport. So rest assured, your money goes to the boys, and I personally have never received any money from the club, or the school, I have never asked for any money or a paying job for either as well, it is all about NURFC Alumni for the long-term benefit of NU Men’s Rugby Club, nothing else.

43rd Annual NURFC Alumni Weekend May 3, 4, & 5, 2019

Niagara University, New York USA

Here is the breakdown of activities we have slated and/or will confirm soon:

Friday, May 3,
1pm to 4pm, Golf, NU Alumni Director -Howard Morgan, will set this up, if enough call his cell 
(716)417-7584. (this is not included in our $100 fee.)

4pm to 7pm Alumni Rugby Practice at the NURFC field/Kiernan Center on NU’s beautiful campus, or use the gym, pool, or weight rooms, to get ready.

7pm to midnight NURFC after hours social at JRs Stone Room, Hyde Park Ice Pavilion, Robbins Drive, Niagara Falls, NY, craft beer in kegs and canned beer with cash bar, chips and pretzels only.

Saturday May 4, 
12 noon – 2pm , ok to get on the pitch and loosen up, practice, and get ready for the match.

1:30pm Opening Ceremonies

2:00pm Purple Eagles vs Dead Pheasants Men’s Rugby at NURFC field.

6-10pm NURFC Alumni and Men’s team banquet and awards dinner, at Sammy’s Pizzeria 1400 Hyde Park Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY 14301.

Sunday May 5th,
11am, NU Chapel, mass.
HS Rugby, Kenmore vs Orchard Park, NUFC Field.
Time tba

Closing ceremonies, safe travels


Our fund balance endows the Crowe Scholarship and gives a 2nd annual scholarship called the Founders; 
The Founders Rugby Scholarship ($1,000.00) &
The Lt Col.Terry Crowe Rugby Scholarship ($1,000.00)

All NU Men’s rugby players, who exhibit dedication and puts in the time, are candidates, the a few are chosen from a list given to the alumni by 6 adults close to the team, that is how the winners are selected, each and every year, this year these 5 names will supply us with the 2 winners, they are; Jack Mazzara, Anthony Cutre, Sam Story, John Ceneviva, Ryan Gruendike, we will announce the winners at the banquet. Congratulations to the entire club, all fine young men.

We also, will be honoring the seniors who have been great teammates and NU Rugby players, nice job in your rugby careers at NU, thank you gents, NURFC alumni thanks them all and welcomes them as Dead Pheasants.

NURFC Alumni, Niagara Rugby, Dead Pheasant Apparel;
can only be sold through NURFC Alumni.

Sincerely Yours,
David “Animal” Erias, 
NURFC Men’s Alumni President
class of 1982

lots of changes, for the better, to come, thank you all

-If you are not attending and wish to give, please,
Send all donations to and make payable to:
NURFC Alumni
103 Garden Drive
Fairport, NY 14450

Dead Pheasant Rugby Announcement

Be advised all these are subject to change, so check with me before going anywhere, for now, this is our Spring.

NU Men’s Rugby Spring Schedule

February 27 – practice 9 pm at the Ralph Wilson Niagara Community Center.

March 2-scrimmage 12 – 2pm at Buffalo State.

March 9 – NU Vagabonds in Savannah, GA (only half the roster able to go.)

March 17-match in Lockport, team to be announced.

March 23-Kenmore Misfits match home, under the lights.

March 30-Little Three Tourney NU, Canisius, and St Bonaventure, away TBA.

April 6-Syracuse B match home, under the lights.

April13-Clarkson 15’s Tourney, Clarkson, NY.

April 20-Easter bye.

April 27-Gorge Cup Tournament, Columbia, MD.

May 4-NURFC Alumni Weekend 43rd annual, NU Purple Eagles v Dead Pheasants.
May 5-NU hosting HS match, Kenmore v Canisius 5 pm.

Dead Pheasant Rugby Scholarships,

announce the 5 candidates, for our 2 annual gifts, congratulations to all nominated, as it is a high honor at NURugby to be even considered for either of our $1000.00 Terry Crowe Memorial Rugby Scholarship and the $1000.00 Founders Scholarship.

The excellent young men nominated are;
Jack Mazzara,
Anthony Cutre,
Sam Story,
John Ceneviva, &
Ryan Gruendike

NURFC Alumni Weekend May 3 thru 5, Niagara University, NY, at the Saturday after-match banquet, we will make the selections known.