Our humble group is strongly supported by the 100s of Alumni who developed one of the strongest Alumni Associations within Niagara University. Two $1,000 rugby scholarships (Lt. Terry Crowe Memorial Scholarship and “The Founders” scholarship are offered annually by the Niagara Rugby Alumni Association to current players with plans to begin another for incoming freshman in the coming years. In addition to scholarships, the alumni association has assisted with purchasing permanent goal posts and ensuring that rugby stay on Niagara’s campus with the full size grass rugby pitch in the middle of Niagara’s campus that is currently used by the team, purchasing new uniforms, a state of the art scrum machine, alleviated travel expenses, and annually fundraise to ensure the program can always travel to, and compete with elite competition to continuously elevate the program.

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Alumni vs Purple Eagles @NU

Saturday May 4, 2019

Past Results

NU Men's VS Dead Pheasants 2018

0 - 35

NU Men's VS Dead Pheasants 2017

5 - 30

NU Men's VS Dead Pheasants 2016

7 - 10

NU Men's VS Dead Pheasants 2015

20 - 24

NU Men's VS Dead Pheasants 2014

10 - 0

NU Men's VS Dead Pheasants 2014

13 - 28




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Niagara University Rugby Football Club Alumni Association was founded to promote and perpetuate the great sport of rugby on the campus of Niagara University, for all who want to participate. -to enhance the student experience of playing rugby while studying for life's challenges at NU. -to support and back 100% all rugby players at NU. -to network with current players for guidance and opportunity after graduation.

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